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Below is an alphabetical list of currently scheduled and frequently recurring workshops.

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CLE Accredited Live Webinar (for Attorneys Only): Helping Nonprofits Make the Most of Election Season - Civic Engagement and Nonpartisan Advocacy within the Rules
July 26, 2017 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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A Lawyers Alliance Continuing Legal Education Program

With the 2017 election season quickly approaching, nonprofit organizations need legal guidance as they consider how to educate and mobilize their communities without jeopardizing their tax exempt status. Learn how you can help. While 501(c)(3) organizations cannot participate in election season in a partisan manner, they can run voter registration and get out the vote campaigns, hold candidate forums, and produce voter guides, so long as they do so in a nonpartisan manner. They can also support or oppose ballot initiatives, such as the New York State constitutional convention question that will appear on the ballot this November. This CLE webinar, designed for attorneys working with New York nonprofits, will explain the Internal Revenue Code rules, and federal, state, and local laws that govern whether and how nonprofits can engage in these activities.

CLE Credit: 1.0 credit can be applied towards the professional practice requirement for nontransitional credit for experienced attorneys only.

Payment Options: This program is free for all current volunteers with Lawyers Alliance for New York. It is $50 for all other attorneys. Full or partial scholarships are available based on financial need; e-mail the CLE Registrar address below for information.

Registration: All current volunteers should register by e-mailing their name and preferred e-mail for contact to All others may register online by using the button below.

Presenter: Laura Abel, Senior Policy Counsel

Lawyers Alliance for New York has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an Accredited Provider of continuing legal education. This webinar course is appropriate for non-transitional credit for experienced attorneys only.

Save the Date: Strategic Legal Thinking Seminar: Understanding Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations
November 1, 2017 - 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
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Lawyers Alliance is pleased to offer this program as part of the Pfizer Strategic Legal Thinking Series in conjunction with the National Network of Business Law Pro Bono Providers, Pfizer Inc, and DLA Piper LLP (US).

This session will focus on three areas: identifying and assessing organizational risk, financial risk management, and data risk management. In particular, the training will discuss how to identify and understand common areas of risk such as governance and oversight, contract, financial, regulatory compliance, physical and other injuries, reputational risks, intellectual property, personnel management, and data security. It will also discuss what risks are transferable, through insurance or otherwise, and what risks are not, such as loss of funding. It will also explore how to mitigate risk by developing a mitigation and response plan, including prevention; training and emergency response; establishing reserves against loss; and the purchase of insurance. Finally, the session will delve into the emerging area of data security risk management.

The program will be live with networking at Pfizer Conference Center in New York City from 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. and available online via videocast to registrants outside of New York City from 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The seminar is free, but space is limited and registration by October 23, 2017 is required. To reserve a New York City spot, please send an e-mail to with your name, organizational affiliation, and full contact information and put "November 1: Understanding Risk Management" in the subject line.

Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Hitting Your Goals and Limiting Your Risk: Special Events Fundraising
Not Currently Scheduled
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Gala dinners, service days, concerts, conferences, and other special events can raise funds and increase awareness and excitement for your organization's work. Hosting a successful special event - one that meets your participation and financial goals - requires significant time, energy and planning, as well as a careful consideration of relevant legal issues.

This webinar will cover New York State requirements for soliciting donations, gaming activities such as raffles and casino nights, and hiring professional fundraisers. The webinar will also review IRS rules for nonprofits receiving cash or in-kind gifts made in connection with a special event, and when and how to recognize event sponsors without running afoul of IRS rules. It will discuss compensation, contract considerations, and other legal questions when dealing with employees, contractors, or special event volunteers to ensure that your organization limits its liability in the planning and execution of a special event.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to plan and execute a successful fundraising event based upon an understanding of state and federal fundraising rules for tax exempt organizations.

For nonprofit managers, development professionals, and others involved in nonprofit fundraising.

Becoming a Nonprofit: Incorporation and Tax Exemption
Not Currently Scheduled
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Getting a new nonprofit organization off to the right start can mean the difference between success and failure. This workshop will go step-by-step through the process of incorporating in New York State and applying for federal tax exempt status. Attention will be given to the benefits and obligations of incorporation and tax-exempt status including reporting requirements, the role of board members, and the limitations on lobbying and political activities.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to evaluate the decision to form a nonprofit corporation and apply for federal tax exemption based upon an understanding of state and federal law.

For those interested in forming a nonprofit organization in New York.

Making Your Voice Heard: Lobbying Within Limits
Not Currently Scheduled
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Increasingly, nonprofit groups understand that the success of their missions may require them to engage in legislative advocacy. This workshop focuses on the rules that govern lobbying by nonprofits. It will identify the federal limits on the amount of lobbying nonprofits can undertake, and the federal, state, and local laws requiring the disclosure of lobbying activity. It addresses advocacy concerning legislative, budgeting, and agency rule-making processes. The workshop also explains the lobbying laws that apply to procurement of contract funding from New York City and New York State -- essential information for any nonprofit that relies on government funding to do its work.

Learning objective: Participants will be able to evaluate how much lobbying their organization can do, whether their organization must register as a lobbyist, and how to report lobbying activity, based on an understanding of federal tax law and federal, state, and local lobbying disclosure laws.

For nonprofit managers, organizers, and others involved in the day-to-day operation of not-for-profit tax-exempt organizations.

Managing Your Workforce: Practical Employment Law
Not Currently Scheduled
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A nonprofit's most important resource is its "human capital," but managing employees with legal compliance and sensitivity in an era of renewed government regulation can seem overwhelming. Compliance starts with recognizing legal trouble spots, including new and updated laws such as New York City's background check laws. This training will help by giving you an overview of major human resources concepts and their legal underpinnings, from the moment a candidate is interviewed to the moment employment ends.

Learning objective: Participants will gain a working knowledge of legal risk inherent in typical employment situations such as hiring and termination, as well as strategies for reducing risk by being legally compliant.

For board members, senior management, and human resources professionals, as an orientation for those who are new to the field and a refresher for more experienced practitioners.